Hii Pen - No Needle Injection 

What is Hii Pen? 
Hii Pen is a non-invasive tool that delivers Hyaluronic Acid filler into the skin by pressure and not via a hypodermic needle. 
It is understood that 20% of the population has some degree of fear of needles and 10% within that number suffer from Trypanophobia (“Trip‑ano‑phobia”), an excessive or irrational fear of injections or needles which can be learned or inherited. 
Needle-free devices have been utilised extensively in healthcare and mass vaccination programmes for decades. Modern devices have been designed to deliver precise injections without the discomfort and anxiety of a hypodermic needle. 
This technology has now been developed as an aesthetics treatment. Hii Pen produces just enough pressure to launch a Hyaluronic Acid mixture into the skin, in much more comfortable and stress-free way than conventional hypodermic needle procedures. 
Dermal Fillers, No Needle Injections, Lip Fillers

Course overview 

Pre-reading email will be sent to students prior to course of A&P revision of the face. Students will also be sent pre-model consent forms to bring along with their model on the day of the course 
Exercises to become comfortable and gain confidence holding the Hii Pen 
Health & Safety and regulations of injectables 
Face Mapping for the Hii Pen 
Fillers explained 
Treatment costings 
Practical of nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lip fillers 
Students must be 18+ 
2 x Models will be required, 1st model 1-3pm 2nd model from 3-5pm 
No contra-indications which will be sent prior to course 
Model can not fly within 48 hours of treatment 

This course is approved by 


Students will receive the following within their kit to use on the day: 

Hii Pen – with 12 months' warranty 
5x cartridges 
2x 1ml fillers for training day 
Hii Pen branded towel 
Disposable aprons, gloves, face masks and hair nets 
5 x Gauze pads 
Saline and cleaning fluids 
Kidney bowl 
A&D cream 

Experience required 

Students to hold NVQ Level 3 (or equivalent) to attend the course 
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£1850 + VAT 
1 day training (9.30am - 5.00pm) 
Hii Pen Training, Needle Free Injections Hii Pen No Needle Injection Lip Filler, Hii Pen injections
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